Information on trading and knock-out times

The trading and knock-out times displayed on the following pages, are indicative. Trading can be suspended by the issuer at any time, for example in case of technical problems. Deviations may also occur as a result of daylight savings (summer and winter time).

Usually the trading hours of the main stock exchange / home exchange of an underlying are crucial for a knock-out event. As an example: A product on the DAX index can be knocked out between 9am and 5:35pm. However, exceptions are possible for example in case of a prolonged XETRA closing auction which lasts until after 5:35pm. In this case, exchange prices of after 5:35pm can lead to a knock-out event. Similar situations may applys to all other underlying assets.

Please note that in any case only the statements within the Final Terms (Endgültige Angebotsbedingungen) of each product are relevant. These are available free of charge at Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG, Reuterweg 16, 60323 Frankfurt am Main, or on our product detail pages.



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