Market maker

A market maker is a broker, trader or financial institution which quotes buy and sell prices for those securities they hold. Market makers thus ensure that the market remains liquid for these securities. In the case of certificates the issuer functions as market maker, ensuring sufficient liquidity – assuming normal market conditions.

Market order

A market order is an order made through a broker to buy or sell an investment immediately at the best available current price, also known as “unrestricted order”.


Maturity refers to the time span between issue and expiry (its “life span”). However there are numerous products whose maturity is not limited (open-ended).

Maturity date

The date at the end of the term of a financial instrument on which the issuer makes the payment to the clearing system to be passed on to the investor – or in the case of physical delivery of a security, makes the delivery.

Minimum amount

The lowest payable fixed payment amount due on the payment date. This amount may also be below the capital protection amount used at issue. This means that the repayment of the capital invested is not guaranteed.


The multiplier for financial instruments specifies the number of units of the underlying to which a financial instrument refers. (For example, an equity warrant with a multiplier of 0.1 refers to 0.1 shares, i. e. on exercising the equity warrant, the holder receives a tenth of the difference between the market price and the strike.)


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